Brno’s public transportation is becoming more environmentally friendly

The city of Brno, led by mayor Markéta Vaňková, continues to make significant ecological changes by introducing new trolleybuses on the city’s streets. Since December 13, Brno got thirteen new trolleybuses and will get seven more until the end of this year. 

The new trolleybusses will change the appearance of Brno streets and will attract more citizens to use public transport instead of cars which will further reduce emissions.

Introducing new Škoda 27Tr trolleybuses to the city is a part of Brno’s plan of minimizing the harmful effect on the environment that comes from trolleybuses by replacing them with new ones that are technologically advanced. 

The new trolleybuses offer high passenger capacity, comfortable seating, air-conditioning and a fully low-floor interior equipped with partially padded seats, USB pads, an information system with LCD monitors and a camera system that will help in the prevention of vandalism and ensure traffic safety.

Brno Shipping Company bought thirteen new trolleybuses, the next seven until the end of this year, and the next two dozens will be bought by them in the future. 

Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková plans to completely exchange all of the trolleybuses from the 1980s and 1990s with new ones by the end of 2023.

Mayor Vaňková stated: “Reducing emissions in the city and greening public transport is a priority for the city manager. In addition to finding new solutions, such as hydrogen propulsion, we will continue to focus on the renewal of cars in electric traction”. 

With almost 150 vehicles, Brno is the largest fleet of trolleybuses in the entire Czech Republic, This project is a big part of making the city of Brno environmentally friendly, greener, and much less polluted. (photo credit: