Alicante’s Smart City 2.0 strategy got presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Alicante’s “Smart City 2.0” strategy, which brings together 25 projects to promote the City until 2027, was recently presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art. All the projects include investments of €24.3m during 2021-27, while €2.7m is consigned in the 2021 budget.

Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala stated: “It is an initiative framed in the global strategy ‘Alicante Futura’ – becoming its first technological axis for the modernization of municipal management and inter-action with the citizens”.

The project includes Smart Markets, E-Patrimonio, Smart Ville San Antón, intelligent social health monitoring and the Digital Twin for the development of a cyber-physical system for the infrastructure water of the city, reports The Leader.

One of the very important projects is creation and digitalisation of Citizen Participation Portal which will increase the level of municipal transparency.

Modernization spokesperson Antonio Peral said: “The Alicante Smart City 2.0 Plan was born with the aim of co-ordinating and promoting the set of actions related to technological innovation that are already being implemented in the city. It will generate innovative ideas for the sustainable and efficient management of the urban ecosystem and it will allow us to focus political action of the next seven years with determination, seeking excellence to place Alicante at the forefront of European smart cities”.

Photo credit Artem Sapegin/Unsplash