Alicante to apply for 15 million Euros in EU Funding

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Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala declared that the city is now ready to apply for more than 15 million euros in European funding. The City plans to use it for the Low Emissions Plan for Alicante and the pedestrianisation of the traditional city centre.

Mayor Barcala stated: “The Department of European Projects of the City Council is coordinating the design of the Low Emissions Plan on which the areas of Traffic, Urban Planning, Infrastructure, Transport and Environment are working”.

He continued: “Alicante City Council could apply for 15 million euros in subsidies for the development of the Plan, as well as for the pedestrianisation of the traditional centre and the development of projects for the digital transformation of urban transport in the city of Alicante”.

The Alicante council have multiple projects in the pipeline and Barcala said that “the City Council’s aspiration to obtain European funds for recovery does not end with the Low Emissions Plan, but will also opt for other projects included in the Tourism Sustainability Plan on which we are also working with the Municipal Tourism Board or the projects associated with the Integrated Urban Regeneration Programme in Vulnerable Neighbourhoods, all included in the Alicante 2030 Urban Agenda”, reports Euro Weekly News.


Photo credit: Artem Sapegin/Unsplash