Münster once again confirmed its dedication to climate action

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The German city of Münster has once again confirmed its dedication to sustainable transit and climate action.

Mayor of Münster Markus Lewe attended the opening ceremony of the e-bus line 8 which now consists almost entirely of electric buses.

Mayor Lewe stated on social media: “Electric buses are a win-win for everyone involved, so every new e-bus and every additional line is an important step for climate protection and quality of life in our city. But this also means that the bus drivers and everyone behind the scenes are highly trained. In this way, the Stadtwerke employees ensure that more and more e-buses travel through Münster.” 

Following the successful completion of trial operations in recent weeks, mainly electric buses are now cruising the streets on Line 8 between Coerde, Kreuzviertel, Innenstadt, Gremmendorf and Wolbeck. It is positive for the climate that the buses are fueled with green electricity and therefore run emission-free, Lewe stressed. According to him, passengers can enjoy the smooth, quiet ride and residents along the route also benefit from the fact that noise is reduced.

The fleet, which consists of 120 buses, is to be completely converted to electric buses by 2029 at the latest. At the moment, 29 buses are running on electric power, and by the end of 2022 this figure is expected to rise to more than 50.

Electric buses are more fuel efficient and cost less to operate than diesel buses. When comparing electric buses to diesel buses, the fuel savings can be significant, and the buses also have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance. Electric buses generate significantly less greenhouse gases and fewer pollutants than conventional buses, which makes them attractive for cities looking to act on climate change.

Air pollution is one of the most serious challenges modern-day urban areas are faced with, and transportation plays a significant role in it. Electric buses have a bright future ahead of them, and the benefits they provide to everyone involved is likely to help them succeed even more.

Photo credit: Instagram/obmarkuslewe