Alicante to develop solar plant capable of providing 2.45 megawatts


Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala has announced plans for the future development of a solar plant capable of providing 2.45 megawatts. The solar plant has been included in the 2022 budget and will increase energy self-sufficiency dramatically. The council have also reviewed 14 projects worth 104 million euros, which are part of the Integral Plan for the reuse of treated water in l’Alacanti.

The council stated: “The solar farm will enable the generation of renewable energy on a 6-hectare plot of land owned by the company. At the drafting stage, it is a 2.45 MWp photovoltaic solar plant, with a generation capacity of 5 GWh/year, an energy self-sufficiency of 18% and an estimated useful life of 30-40 years.”

Mayor Barcala commented on the importance of protecting the environment and the use of renewable energy. He explained that “this project, along with others, demonstrates Aguas de Alicante’s firm commitment to renewable energies and the preservation of the planet.

“It is important to take steps to achieve energy self-sufficiency by promoting photovoltaic installations, while at the same time developing projects for the integral reuse of treated water and zero discharge into the sea, which will improve the irrigation of agricultural fields and green areas and also the quality of coastal waters”.


Source and photo: Euroweeklynews/Pixabay