Alicante: €100 million investment to stop dumping wastewater into the Mediterranean

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The Alicante City Counci announded it will nvest more than 100,000,000 euros of EU funding in an ambitious infrastructure plan with the aim of achieving zero discharge of wastewater into the Mediterranean sea.

Alicante plans to achieve this by processing all the treated water in the city in close cooperation with the Hidraqua company.

Currently, the treated water is channelled through outlets to various points along the coastline, at a distance offshore and well away from the beach areas frequented by tourists, so that this future zero discharge plan could also become a quality bonus for bathers, reports Euro Weekly News.

Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala announced the development of the initiative “Alicante, green heart”. He stated: “This is the City Council’s great commitment to urban sustainability in the short and long term, for the fight against climate change and for creating a more livable, friendly and humane environment”.

The partnership with Hidragua will continue to “optimise water resources and actions to transform the coastline and the connection of the port with the city and have the longest promenade in the Mediterranean along the 21 kilometres of coastline ” of the municipal boundary.

Photo credit: Cale Weaver/Unsplash