Winter Wonders are coming back to Brussels


Mayor of Brussels Philippe Close joined forces with City Council of Brussels and Christmas market organizers Winter Wonders to adjust measures and processes for visiting the festival this year. 

It is planned that the Winter Wonders festival starts on November 26 and will be open to visitors until January 2, 2022. Christmas festival will continue the tradition of breathtaking scenery and will include many interesting facilities for visitors of all ages.

The festival got full support of the City Council and mayor of Brussels Philippe Close.

On the last Council meeting, the mayor stated: “If you’re not vaccinated, we advise you not to come to the Winter Wonders. It’s the same message as always: you have to protect yourself, and people who are not vaccinated are taking a pretty big risk by coming”.

There are various different attractions planned for the market: from children activities, various Belgian cuisine, to games and music. Everything will be included. The whole site will be decorated with many lights, ranging from cold blue to neon orange and the whole scenery will take your breath away.

Delphine Houba, councillor for major events, said: “We found it important to let the event continue despite the difficult Covid-19 situation, as it is important for the centre and for traders and the attractiveness of the city. Of course, we will respect the latest measures announced by the government”. Besides the famous Winter Wonders festival in Brussels, two more festivals were announced in the cities of Ghent and Leuven but have been cancelled because of the new measures.

However, the Winter Wonders organisation stated: “Various plans and scenarios are on the table. Meetings are being held between the various interested parties. More news will follow as soon as possible”.

This is a prime example of continuation of traditional events even during the pandemic of the Covid-19. The joint efforts of city administration, Mayor of Brussles Philippe Close and the organisers of the event bring new hope to the many other cities and event organisers all around Europe.


Photo credit: City of Brussels