Winners of European Capital of Innovation Awards have been proclaimed

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At the European Innovation Council Summit, the commission announced the winners of the seventh edition of the European Capital of Innovation Awards (‘iCapital’).

The jury of independent experts chose to award the following:

  • The city of Dortmund as the European Capital of Innovation. Second place went to Dublin, Ireland and Malaga, Spain, while Vilnius, Lithuania was awarded third place.
  • City of Vantaa is the European Rising Innovative City. Cascais in Portugal and Trondheim in Norway are granted the second and third places in the European Rising Innovative City awards.

The awards recognise cities’ long-term efforts to create an environment that enables and embraces innovation. The commission stated that the selected cities are the ones who developed and deployed innovative concepts, putting in place effective processes, tools and governance models. They could serve as strong examples for cities in Europe and beyond.

Mayor of Dortmund Thomas Westphal stated: “The award is a result of great teamwork in Dortmund as a City of Neighbours. Many committed partners from the fields of science, business, urban society and administration have built up a sustainable innovation ecosystem. [It is] a breeding ground for start-ups and companies, for research and development, for education and culture…but also for the implementation of good ideas, social projects, and creative solutions in our neighbourhoods. “We are very pleased that these efforts have now been recognised at a European level. It is a success that will spur us on to continue on this path.” 

“We are proud that a german city won this award”

At a gala held in Brussels, mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, held his speech in which he stated: “Being a finalist is already a great recognition and it serves as a stimulus to advance in the field of innovation. In the last 20 years, the city has undergone very important changes”

Mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius, was pleased to announce his town won 3rd place.

He stated the following via social media: “As of today Vilnius is not only Lithuania’s, but also one of the leaders of European innovation. Vilnius won third place among 38 candidates in the European Capital of Innovation competition for the most innovative European cities! This assessment confirmed we are creative, our innovations work, we can be leaders and set an example for Europe. Thank you to every Vilnius citizen – for your ingenuity for innovations. Only thanks to you, we can lead Europe in the field of innovation. Thanks to the team, who worked on this project, and a special thanks to deputy mayor of Vilnius,Tomas Gulbinas, for taking the responsibility to bring the competition prize from Brussels to Vilnius – 100 000 euros. We already know what we will use them for: to implement innovations in the city, especially in the field of education.”


Photo credit: Joshua Golde/Unsplash