Saint-Étienne invests more than €44 million in Cotonne-Montferré project

Mayor of Saint-Étienne Gael Perdriau has recently presented the news regarding the big, urban and social project for the neighborhoods of Cotonne-Montferré. This is the most important project ever carried out in Cotonne-Montferré.

Mayor Predriau stated via social media: “More than 44 million euros will be invested in renovating 700 homes and renovating new public spaces including: a park, a new youth center, a garden, and a social center. You can get acquainted with the proposals, give your opinion and we can build the future together. A social project accompanies these changes, in which the inhabitants will also be involved so that they can flourish culturally, sportingly, socially … Things are moving, for you and with you!”

Although being slowed down by the health crisis, the urban renewal program picked up where it left and resumed its momentum. The public meeting even turned into a very lively debate regarding citizens’ wellbeing and problems of the neighborhood. It allowed participants to share their views on the topic. 

Around 100 residents took part in this exchange of ideas, which was a part of a continuation of the consultation workshops and meetings. Mayor Perdriau’s goal was to present the upcoming operations, alongside his deputies, in detail and with supporting visuals.

The structure consists of three main topics. The first one is about housing: thermal rehabilitation of several buildings, demolition of the Peyrard towers in 2022, rehabilitation of the Cassin tower.

Second major topic is urban development. The goal is to unify the Cotonne-Montferré district, which is currently cut in half by Boulevard Raoul-Duval. A major project is set to undertake in 2022 in order to redevelop this boulevard. Follereau street will also undergo some changes (bus stops, parking lots, etc.)

The city’s third topic is nature. In place of the former Cotonne school, there will be a park. It will include three platforms. An urban agriculture area will be set up, as a part of the “Fertile Quarters” call for projects on the site of the demolished Peyrard towers and garages. It will include an educational area for children, and also a food court and gardening area.

The project will create a new look to this district and surely improve the quality of life of its citizens. (photo credit: Progress/DR)