Mayor Gualtieri and Pope Francis discussed their future cooperation

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In light of new administration brought to the capital by the newly elected mayor, Roberto Gualtieri met with Pope Francis to discuss the future cooperation between the city of Rome and Vatican. 

Both the mayor and pope Francis stated that the meeting was delightful and they were fairly optimistic about their future collaboration.

Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualieri stated on social media: I’m very happy and excited to have been received in audience by Pope Francis, an extraordinary personality who is able to make anyone comfortable and at the same time always offers deep reflections”.

Their primary meeting focus was the Jubilee of 2025. This significant event, which brings together pilgrims from all around the world to Rome and Vatican is the most important cooperation project between these entities.

Mayor Gualtieri said: “We talked about Rome and its uniqueness: the upcoming years will bring us great collaboration with the Holy See for the Jubilee of 2025 and we discussed our common commitment to support the neglected ones and the weakest.”

The last event of these proportions was the Jubilee held in 2000. This event, which was in past celebrated every 50 years, brings many religious people to the city of Rome and Vatican. It is a synonym for celebration and joy for Catholics from all around the world. This is why this meeting was very important for both mayor Gualtieri and Pope Francis. Jubilee 2025 will bring the vast amount of tourists to the city of Rome and it needs to be organised perfectly.

This first official meeting showed mayor’s strong will to cooperate with the Church and it gave a good example of the possible future projects between politics and religion. 


Photo: screenshot/YouTube