Christmas spirit revived: Budapest Christmas Market has officially opened

For decades, Budapest was known for its majestic Advent season. Their Christmas Market is a primary source of entertainment for tourists from all around the world. The Christmas Market was opened this year on Vörösmarty Square and it closed on 31st of December.

Last year, because of the pandemic, Budapest had to cancel its Christmas market, but this year the City decided to continue the long tradition and the Market was reopened. Various measures were introduced, with the most important one that all non vaccinated tourists and locals cannot enter the Market.

Special entrance sites all around the Christmas Market will be available. There, visitors will be able to scan their Covid certificate along with their personal identification document.

In the previous years, and it seems that this one will be no different, tourists all around the world flocked to the Budapest Christmas Market. The tourism in Hungary is on the rise lately due to the various government policies, which enabled easier entrance to the country compared to the rest of Europe. There are hopes that many foreign tourists will visit this interesting event.

The whole Advent weekend was full of surprises, candlelight and children’s activities. This whole scenery takes place under the magnificent Basilica in Budapest. There is a special upcoming event on the December the 6th were the special Finnish Santa Claus named Joulupukki will visit the Market on Vörösmarty Square.

The Christmas Market, along various entertainment facilities, contains the bazaar full of local specialities. But what should be paid close attention to is the food served and sold there: from famous Hungarian goulash to chocolate chimneys and many more traditional Hungarian cuisine which will be available for everybody.

The last Christmas Market in 2019 was awarded with the title of “The most beautiful Christmas market in Europe”. There are hopes that this years Market will achieve the same results as the last one, and judging by the offers made by travel companies from Dublin to Belgrade there is a possibility this will come true.


Photo credit: Balázs Mohai/MTI