Christmas Market is coming back to Brno

Mayor of Brno Marketa Vankova posted on her Facebook page a picture with a new Christmas tree, ready to be placed on the Svobody Square and stated that this tree “has been our symbol for 97 years”. Vankova added that Brno was the first city in Czechia to start with this custom.

This year’s Christmas Market and all events related to the holiday season will take place, despite the pandemic. Christmas Market will once again unite people and point out the importance of solidarity and hope, which is deeply carved into these events.

The Christmas atmosphere will be felt through the squares of Brno until the last week of December. According to Daily News Brno, the Christmas tree is the focus of preparations.

The lighting of the Christmas tree in the morning of the 26th of November will be the official beginning of the Market. Later that day, a special light show will be organized with six repetitions, so that spectators can walk around the square, without forming any unwanted crowds.

In the main square, additionally to the tree, people will be able to enjoy the Winter bar, which will be offering punch, cider and ginger drinks, as well as a rich musical and cultural program. 

Besides bars, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to at least two different concerts every evening: from jazz to swing, through funk, up to Christmas melodies. Also, winter gardens will be opened at numerous cafes and restaurants, giving people the chance to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere from all city places.

One of the highlights will also be the Halouzek wooden nativity scene, made up of hundreds of figures, which is one the largest nativity scenes in the whole Central Europe.

There will be special events for kids, where they can listen to fairy tales and write letters to Santa Claus.

Markets and events will be set up on five squares, with more events taking place in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall.


Photo credit: KK / BD.