Mayor’s impact on education system

There is nothing that defines a city more than the quality of their school system, which is the foundation for successful communities.

Education is more than just “schooling” and should always be every city’s top priority. The economic vitality of the cities and nations depend on investments in children and families – their education, health, safety and financial stability.

A lot of European mayors understand that effective school system and economic stability go hand in hand and this fact was also officially proven: 65% of the Top 20 world countries with the best education system are from Europe. The world country no 1 for its education system is Finland, which is followed by Denmark, Norway, UK and Sweden. All of those countries made the top 10 list.

Nowadays, we can hear many mayors sharing their thoughts about universities, school funding and infrastructure, with the overall education quality as their primary goal. There are many ways mayors can get further involved in the school systems of their cities. For example, they can ensure that all the city officials become active partners with schools. Mayors are in a unique position to bring the community and business leaders together to find resources and focus efforts to work toward common goals to better support children and youth in the community. Besides city officials, mayors can engage other education stakeholders to give their contribution.

Furthermore, mayors can help schools by investing in their surrounding areas to support learning outside of the schools in nature and afterschool programmes on fresh air. Also, mayors can assist the school system in recruiting and retaining teachers, as well as developing strategies to support inexperienced teachers. An excellent way is to hire the retired teachers who can serve as mentors.

Education is all about the future of children and they should always come first. If schools don’t work, the city doesn’t work. The reputation of a city’s education system affects the city’s own reputation and prestige. It is excellent to see that mayoral interest in education has escalated because of a growing awareness of the impact schools have on a city’s economic growth and development and hopefully many new cities will stand out as the best ones in the world regarding the education system.


Photo credit Pixabay