Rotterdam: a wristband as a coronavirus access pass for catering establishments

Cities of Rotterdam and Zwolle are ready to start using a wristband as a coronavirus access pass for catering establishments in the city center.

Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb explained that mobile checkpoints are to be set up in the city center near the Stadhuisplein and Witte de Withstraat, crowded places which gather a lot of people. If one wants to visit a restaurant or a bar, the access will be enabled with the wristband. It will be valid for 24 hours and will be of another color every other day.

Two checkpoints will be set up in Zwolle where people can have their QR code from the CoronaCheck app scanned. A test location will also be set up at one of the two locations. People have to make an appointment for that in advance. As soon as the results of their test are in and they tested negative, they will receive the wristband with which they can go out. Zwolle will use the coronavirus wristbands for at least the next two weekends. Then it will be evaluated.

The wristbands make it easier for catering establishments to check who has a coronavirus access pass. This check has been mandatory for people from 13 years old in the catering industry, among others, since last weekend. Rotterdam will use text carts to point people to the checkpoints in the city center. If this weekend’s pilot is successful, more checkpoints may be placed in other places in the city.


Source: NL times. Photo credit: Rik van der Kroon.