Most inclusive employers awarded in Rotterdam


The Dutch city of Rotterdam, led by mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, is one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands. With the new projects and initiatives, Rotterdam keeps celebrating and cherishing equality and inclusiveness in the city.

The 010 Inclusive Award, a prize for innovative actions in the field of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, has recently been presented in Rotterdam for the first time ever. The award was won by the Diversity Traineeship of the company Unique in the large company category. At the same time, the coffee company Heilige Boontjes won the award in the SME category with their Rotterdam Recruitment Agency (RRA) initiative.

Despite the city’s openness, not everyone has the same chances in the labour market. That is why the creators of the award wanted to recognize the employers who go above and beyond to ensure diversity and inclusion. Six companies were nominated in the ‘Large company’ and ‘SME’ categories. Winners were chosen by the expert jury in both categories. 

The employment agency Unique, in collaboration with Global People, had established an initiative to train recruiters with a multicultural background. In a city where a big percentage of the population is foreign-born, this initiative was recognized for its impact.

The winner in the SME category was the coffee company Heilige Boontjes. This company launched a unique initiative in which young ex-convicts are trained for jobs in the hospitality industry. The project was created by police officer Marco den Dunnen and social worker Rodney van den Hengel.

Heilige Boontjes developed the Rotterdam Recruitment Agency in partnership with other social groups. It now actively recruits young people, offers them training and afterwards a job on which they are allowed to fulfil their full talents.

This platform 010 Inclusive, who is behind the award, was launched in 2015 and actively supports employers and individuals from all sectors of the Rotterdam labour market. (photo credit: freepik)