Bilbao approves its budget for 2021 with the total of 585.5 million euros

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The Bilbao City Council held its Extraordinary Plenary of Budgets for fiscal year 2021 which, from January 1, came into force. In total, 585.5 million euros, 9.2 million euros more (1.6%) than in 2020, will allow responding to the needs caused by the current health emergency situation, economic and social ones, derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 includes as priority objectives to face the effects of the virus, acting in favour of the most affected economic sectors and the most vulnerable people; protect health and the economy and continue promoting neighborhoods and other strategic projects for the city.

The new budget increases the actions in the neighborhoods, up to € 39.5 M (€ 1.8 M more than this year), as well as a municipal public investment of € 84.1 M (€ 1.4 M more than in 2020) to address about 40 city projects and another 11 proposals contributed by citizens. The basic utilities (lighting, garbage, sanitation…) will involve 266 M € (5 M € more) and will work on a new plan #BilbaoAurrera2021. For yet another year, zero debt has been prioritized again, with healthy accounts in which no external credit operation is contemplated to face the municipal spending and investment plan.

As a result of debate and negotiation, amendments have also been included by all opposition political groups amounting to 932,000 euros, which represents an increase of 19.56% compared to last year.

The mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto in his closing speech, said: “I would like to congratulate everyone for the work carried out in recent months to prepare accounts consistent with such a difficult year due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. This is a realistic budget which will help us with the crisis, but also includes exciting projects that will put us on the starting line because the virus will pass and we will be prepared”.