Bilbao jumps up nine places on Global Destination Sustainability Index


Bilbao has moved up on the Global Destination Sustainability Index and ranked 33rd, up from last year’s 42nd.

Under Mayor of Bilbao Juan Mari Aburto, the city continues to implement green policies and move towards sustainability.

The international top list includes cities that want to cooperate on creation of joint strategies to improve sustainability of destinations and work on environmental, social and economic issues.

Bilbao authorities pointed out that the city ranked ninth on the list of medium-sized destinations and stressed that dedication to the green push helped Bilbao to move up.

Global Destination Sustainability values are based on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Bilbao City Council noted that it wants to establish a framework for sustainable development and cooperate with local companies to become more competitive as a conference tourism destination.

Before the coronavirus crisis, approximately 1,300 meetings were held in Bilbao, with city authorities pointing out that figures are gradually recovering.

Bilbao pointed out that the Global Destination Sustainability Index is drawn up in cooperation with the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Top ranking cities include Bergen, Copenhagen and Gothenburg – cities with a long history in sustainability and popular conference tourism destinations.

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