Top 10 European cities where it is easiest to find a good job

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Money is certainly not the most important thing in the world, but it is indeed a necessity for both basic and crucial things a person needs during lifetime. From food, beverages, clothes, to housing, education and medical care – money is needed for all of it. It helps people to achieve some of their goals and leads to options and choices. In short, money runs the world.

People who live in underdeveloped countries, often seek their rescue from poverty by finding a better life abroad.

As per the previously published analysis by Mayors of Europe regarding the European cities with the highest share of foreigners in population, six out of the top 10 cities are located in Germany. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the city which ranks first as the place where people strongly agree that it is easy to find a good job is in Germany. It is Ingolstadt (27,10%).

Germany has the largest economy in Europe. Also, it has the fifth-largest economy in the world. According to the Eurostat 2020 research, Germany’s unemployment rate is only 3,9%, what makes it one of the lowest in Europe.

There are plenty of jobs in this country. Since Germany is home to huge global companies such as Allianz, BMW, Bosch, Daimler and Volkswagen, even people who are searching for only English-speaking jobs can manage there very well. The minimum wage in January 2020 was €9.35 an hour, while the average monthly earnings were €4,021. As of 2018, the gender pay gap is 21%.

Ingolstadt is positioned in the centre of Bavaria and it is part of the Munich Metropolitan Region. Although it has only approximately 133,000 inhabitants, big companies like Audi, Media Markt and Saturn have their headquarters there.

The second place in this Eurostat research from 2019 with 103 participating cities is reserved for Prague (26,90%). Prague is the biggest economic and financial center in the Czech Republic. It accounts for approximately 1/4 of Czech GDP. According to Expat Insider 2021 research, Czech Republic is the second best country in the world to work in for foreigners.

As throughout the whole European Union, the EU citizens do not need to obtain a work permit in order to work in Prague. On the other hand, non-EU citizens first need to apply for a work permit before obtaining their long-term employment visa.

Thanks to its geographical position and standard, Prague is becoming a very popular place for both domestic and foreign investors. The city also has a low unemployment rate. The service sector in Prague employs around 80% of the workforce. The most important areas are the financial sector, tourism, as well as the automobile, pharmaceutical, and electrical engineering industries.

The German city of Stuttgart ranked third (25,70%). It is is the capital and the largest city of the state Baden-Württemberg. As per 2020 statistics, Stuttgart City has a bit over 630,000 inhabitants, while Stuttgart Metropolitan Area is home to over 5,300,000 people. Besides one of the best German cities to find work, Stuttgart is also very popular for studying.

Their economy is based on automotive manufacturing: headquarters of companies such as Daimler and Porsche are located in Stuttgart. The city is also the European home of Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Bosch. According to InterNations, a daily investment of internationally operating companies based in Stuttgart is EUR13 million in Research and Development, more than anywhere else in Germany.

At the fourth place is the Turkish capital city of Ankara (25,70%).  Although to get employed in Ankara requires the correct paperwork and permits, these are very easy to obtain.

The Turkish capital is home to many international embassies and is a common destination for overseas diplomats. It offers many governmental and civil service jobs, but it is also a perfect destination for teachers (especially of English language) who are looking for jobs in international and language schools.

Furthermore, Ankara is home to many state-owned and private Turkish defence and aerospace companies, such as MKE, ASELSAN, Havelsan, Roketsan and many others.

The top 5 list of cities where, according to the citizens, it is very easy to find a good job is Oslo (24,90%). It is the capital and the most populous city of Norway. Oslo is also the economic and governmental centre of the country and it has a population of a little less than 700,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area gathers over 1,5 million people.

Having one of the highest regional GDPs in Europe and making up a really significant percentage of the global GDP, Oslo is indeed a great place for a good career, especially in tech and R&D. It is also very popular for maritime industry.

Other cities that made the top 10 list are Frankfurt (24,80%), Cluj-Napoca (24,50%), Düsseldorf (20,90%), Stockholm greater city (20,50%) and Karlsruhe (20,40%).

The European labor market is gradually recovering from the shock of the Coronavirus pandemic, with the number of people employed in the European Union reaching 195.7 million in the third quarter of 2021, slightly lower than its pre-pandemic peak at the end of 2019, according to Statista. The unemployment rate (7.7% during the pandemic), stood at just 6.2% by January 2022.  Although the labor market figures in 2020 were very concerning, the fresh statistics clearly show that Europe is about to reach the pre-pandemic numbers. (photo: pch.vector/Freepik)