Vigo plans for renovation of Nelson Mandela Park and reforestation of its neighbourhood


The Vigo City Council has approved plans to revitalise the Nelson Mandela Park in the Navia neighbourhood.

Mayor of Vigo Abel Caballero pointed out that the park will span across roughly 90,000 square metres and added that the project includes reforestation of the Navia neighbourhood, with nearly 200 trees to be planted.

As part of the first stage of the project, Vigo will build infrastructure to improve access to the park. In addition, approximately 4,000 square metres will be covered with shrubs and new leisure areas will be built.

City authorities plan to set up 20 picnic areas with tables and benches, noting that revitalisation of the park will include construction of fountains, planting of hedge mazes and installation of dustbins along paths.

Caballero noted that tenders are underway and pointed out that work on the first stage will start immediately after competitions are wrapped up, with the second stage of the project to start as soon as the first one is finished.

He pointed out that revitalisation of the park is not the only project aimed at Vigo’s environmental recovery, pointing to efforts aimed at revitalising the area around the Lagares River.

Caballero concluded that revitalisation of the Nelson Mandela Park will include repairs of damaged infrastructure including paths and park structures, among other.