The king of Christmas lights, mayor Abel Caballero, welcomes Christmas season of 2021

Holiday season has officially started in Vigo! Mayor of Vigo Abel Caballero has lit up the Christmas lights in his town alongside Paralympic triathlon champion Susana Rodríguez Gacio.

At the ceremony, mayor Caballero asked the gathered people to look up at the sky. Above Vigo at the time, he said, was the International Space Station.

He addressed the astronauts in English, asking them to take a picture of the lighting: “At the International Space Station they are dazzled by the lights of Vigo. They have just put on their sunglasses, because Vigo’s Christmas light has already reached 400 kilometers in height.”

This phrase is just one more in the list of hundreds of phrases that have made him who he is today, the most viral mayor and the king of Christmas lights. 

He decided to challenge the mayors of Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo and their Christmas lights since not even the pandemic had stopped him as he installed eleven million LED lights in 2021, showing off self-confidence and making him the true king of Christmas lights.

The installation of the Christmas lights in Vigo began in August and culminated this weekend with the lighting up: “We start Christmas all over the planet.” 

Everyone who attended the event also got the chance to see the magnificient launch of confetti, streamers and artificial snow: “There is no snow in the world as good as the one in Vigo. Look, what good flakes. Also, you already know that Santa Claus is going to stay in Vigo “.

In addition to the lights, the city of Vigo wants to create a Christmas atmosphere with Christmas carols that will be played through the public address system and that will finally play for less time and at a lower volume than anticipated with the intention to attract visitors to the city during this time. Among the installed decorative elements there are a 13-meter-high snowman at the intersection between García Barbón and Pontevedra street, a large tree on Policarpo Sanz street, and a decorative ball on Urzáiz street and a gift box on the avenue Gran Via. 

In addition, Rosalía de Castro street will host attractions for the youngest citizens of Vigo and the surroundings of the Compostela square will reinstall the giant ferris wheel and the Cíes Market Christmas market, which have not been installed in the area since 2019.

The As Avenidas promenade will be the place where people will be able to access an ice skating rink, while in the Eugenio González de Haz gardens, everyone will be able to enjoy an artificial snow slide. A tourist train will also be started up again in Vigo, and a park with inflatables will also be located in the Coia neighborhood

Bonus content: Top 10 phrases by Abel Caballero

  1. “Good evening Vigo, Good evening Galicia, Good evening to all of Spain. I’ll say goodnight to the rest of the world in a bit.” 
  2. “There’s a minute to go before power-up, hey, I’m good at making time, huh? We’re going to blow it up.” 
  3. “Turn on the light, start Christmas, start Vigo!”. 
  4. “At this moment we are starting Christmas across the planet.” 
  5. “All of Spain is here today.” 
  6. “Up there, above Vigo, is the International Space Station, and right now, everyone who is there is focusing and seeing the Christmas lights of Vigo.” 
  7. “The light of Christmas occupies space, it occupies everything.” 
  8. “At the International Space Station they are dazzled by the lights of Vigo. They have just put on their sunglasses, because the Christmas light in Vigo has already reached 400 kilometers in height.” 
  9. “There is no snow in the world as good as the snow in Vigo, look, what good flakes, Santa Claus is going to stay in Vigo”. 
  10. “When it snows in Vigo, it snows in the proper way, the way it has to snow.”


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