Toulon’s  La Loubière goes green

The Mayor of Toulon Hubert Falco will transform emblematic districts La Loubière according to his campaign promise.

In less than two years, the former industrial wasteland in this well-known district of Toulon will have a 16,000 m2 landscaped park: foundation work began this summer and delivery will take place in spring 2022.

“This is an emblematic issue: you don’t create a garden of this size every day in the heart of a big city,” Hubert Falco enthusiastically expressed during the presentation on September 24. “I would also point out that this is a creation, promised in my program (just like the transformation of Montéty, after Chalucet). It is therefore still a promise kept!”

In fact, if many green sites have recently been the object of significant rejuvenation cures, it should be noted that this is a real change of vocation for a place passing from former industrialized land. to XXL green space.

Prepare the terrain

In August, the work began with the rerouting of the electric lines and gas pipes. This will be followed by the replacement of electrical infrastructure, building demolition, and then the decontamination of the land. “After a century of industry, the location deserves special care to meet the Mediterranean Sustainable Neighborhoods approach. The reconstruction recommendations of this area have also been exceeded and no less than 12,000 m3 of the earth will be evacuated and reprocessed before being replaced by fresh and clean earth.”

A sustainable garden for all

The goal is indeed that the plantations grow and prosper there. 5,000 shrubs and 250 trees (including the bold cork oak, which resisted fires in the Moors) will indeed appear on a site affirming its Mediterranean identity. All arranged by thematic zones. Water will also reappear there playing its role of natural retention basin, the park will be the dream haven of local flora and fauna. As for visitors, from the many children’s playgrounds to sports areas, including relaxation areas or the educational trail, everyone can find enjoyment to their liking.

Development operation, responding to the Mediterranean Sustainable Neighborhoods – QDM approach:

  • Cost of works: € 12.3 million
  • Start of works: end of 2020
  • Delivery of the park: May 2022
  • The surface area of the park: 1.6 ha

photo: facebook Ville de Toulon