Rotterdam’s Erasmus MC to get a new innovative campus by 2050


Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Center is to get a new campus by 2050, which is expected to become a new hot spot where numerous healthcare and technology companies will be working together, it was announced on the city’s official website.

According to the Erasmus MC Campus’ Masterplan 2050, care organizations, innovative health and technology businesses, entrepreneurs and educational and research institutions will join forces in the future to bring the latest technological breakthroughs into life.

The details of this ambitious plan are to be worked out more in detail during the upcoming period together with the municipality of Rotterdam, led by mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.

‘’To achieve further progress in healthcare, it is necessary for various healthcare parties, researchers from different areas of expertise and entrepreneurs to work closely together. The campus will be a place where this is possible and thus contribute to a further improvement in care for individual patients and the health of our population’’, said chairman of the Board of Directors of Erasmus MC Stefan Sleijfer as per Rotterdam’s official website.

The renovation of buildings will begin first on the ‘s-Gravendijkwal and Westzeedijk sides. The old Dijkzigt hospital will be demolished to make room for facilities for external care, research, and educational parties. The first new facilities are set to be completed in 2027.

In the development process, sustainability is given a high priority. Green roofs and roof terraces, water storage facilities for rainwater collection, and energy-neutral structures are all said to be included in the project. This way, the campus wants to contribute to a healthy and green living environment.

The ‘Rotterdam Square,’ a foundation that will create an innovative environment on the Erasmus MC Campus, will also be tasked with developing the new campus in the future. Diverse events that will be hosted are to be used to secure international spotlight for the new campus. (photo credit: