“Mobility of the Future” center to rethink the mobility of tomorrow

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer founded the office of the German Center for Mobility of the Future (DZM). The goal of this centre is to create an internationally outstanding center for mobility research and to see how people and goods will move in the future against the background of global trends of decarbonization, digitization and demographic change.

The headquarters of DZM will be located in Munich Urban Colab (MUB), while some of the other DZM locations are Annaberg-Buchholz and Hamburg.

Minister Scheuer emphasized: “DZM should be thinking open to technology, for example not only considering electromobility but also considering alternative combustion fuels or hydrogen, and across all modes of transport, for example the bicycle”.

Scheuer emphasized that Munich, with its traffic know-how, is the ideal location for the DZM.

Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter confirmed minister’s statement in his speech as well.


Photo credit Jan Antonin Kolar/Unsplash