Innovative housing project in Barcelona wins international sustainability award


A Barcelona housing project has won the TOP3 sustainability award at the Construmat international construction fair.

City authorities headed by Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau pointed out that the building will be made of more than 1,100 prefabricated components, which will speed up construction and lower its environmental impact.

Councillor for housing Lucia Martín and Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) head Juan Carlos Melero attended the award ceremony and pointed out that two architectural firms designed the building.

City authorities noted that the award recognises the sustainability of the construction process, reiterating that use of prefabricated wooden elements and panels reduces environmental impact of the project.

Wood used in construction was sourced locally and sustainably, with Barcelona stressing that all components made of wood have relevant certificates. The building will have 42 apartments and boast modern thermal insulation to improve energy efficiency lower its carbon footprint.

City authorities noted that the project is worth roughly EUR 5 million and added that it should be completed next year.

The project is to be implemented in just over one year, with Barcelona pointing out that it would take approximately two years to construct the building using traditional methods.

(Photo credit: Barcelona)