Call for ideas: Historic center project in Genoa

A competition of ideas has started to involve citizens in finding a name and a logo for the revitalization plan of the historic center. There is time until Wednesday 18.

The citizens will propose their idea of ​​the historic center, through a logo and a name that will contribute to its relaunch. The Municipality of Genoa is launching a competition of ideas, open to all, to design the image of the large plan for the historic center that the authorities are developing. On the Municipality website there is already a dedicated form entitled: “Historic center project, ideas start with you” . The form is active until 18.00 on Wednesday 18 November 2020.


The proposals for names and logos will be made of coordinated image that will accompany the operations that, gradually, will be implemented to improve the livability of the neighborhood for residents and tourists. The plan provides for 360-degree interventions, within a large overall design, which is outlined through a series of supporting parts such as the improvement of the urban structure, the enhancement of lighting, the commercial relaunch, cleaning and sociality of pedestrian areas and the regeneration of squares. The chosen logo and name will become the sign of recognition of the interventions intended to leave an imprint on the neighborhood.

One of the largest medieval historic centers in Europe, with its iconic scenery, between the alleys sung by De Andrè, the historic shops and the Rolli palaces is a unique heritage of art, history, traditions, flavors and different cultures. A neighborhood experienced not only by residents, but by all Genoese and tourists. The goal of the Municipality of Genoa is to listen to the soul of citizens and those who love the historic center, according to the bottom-up logic. For this reason, before presenting the intervention plan, Genoa asks the collaboration of all the Genoese to give a name to the project and a graphic logo that can identify it in the coming years. Anyone is welcome to join. Here is the link.