Bremen Mayor engages with diverse groups in Neustadt district


Mayor of Bremen Andreas Bovenschulte has consulted residents of Neustadt district on the city’s development plans.

He visited the Wilhelm Kaisen high school to discuss plans for the Kaisen campus, the largest school building project in Bremen.

City authorities pointed out that the campus will be expanded with a primary school, a kitchen, a canteen and a community building.

Bovenschulte noted “I really enjoyed the discussion with young peopleā€¦ but even more importantly, I learned firsthand how they see and experience their school.”

After visiting the school, he went to the local Caritas district centre to discus care and traffic safety with senior citizens, including former employees of the city.

“The offers here in the district centre are indispensable for the everyday life of senior citizens,” Bovenschulte stressed and added that provided services improve their quality of life.

His final stop was at Gewitterziegen, an association that promotes feminism among girls and young women.

“I would like to thank the girls and young women for their open and honest exchange, for sharing their point of view with me,” Bovenschulte pointed out and concluded “the question of how an equal life for everyone, especially for girls, can be organized well in Bremen remains can be answered better if their experiences are taken into account.”

(Photo credit: Senatpressestelle Bremen)