The first city in Germany to vaccinate more than 20% of its population

The city-state of Bremen has become the first in Germany to vaccinate more than 20 percent of its population with one dose.

That means around a fifth of all Bremen residents (20.1 percent or 137,000 people) have received at least one jab in the inoculation campaign. Nationwide, the figure is 16.9 percent.

The northern city-state of Bremen, which has around 569,350 people, is the top performing state when it comes to vaccinations in Germany.

The vaccination dashboard published at shows a map and the percentage of residents who have received at least one dose. Saarland follows closely behind Bremen, after giving around 19.3 percent of people at least one jab:

According to authorities in Bremen, a team effort combined with carrying out vaccinations seven days a week is contributing to the speed of the rollout.

Mayor of Bremen Andreas Bovenschulte said that a “likely unprecedented alliance” made up of the Senate, aid organisations and the private sector had been set up for the vaccination centre in Bremen. “This is unique in Germany,” said Bovenschulte. “We vaccinate seven days a week, even on holidays.” Photo credit Nicole Pankalla for Pixabay. Source