Mayor Hila announced a big graffiti cleanup in Palma

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City of Palma has strictly decided to get rid of all the graffiti that are ruining the nice exterior of the city.

Infrastructure councillor Angelica Pastor stated: “We will advance month by month through all the neighbourhoods. The cost of cleaning graffiti involves thousands of euros from municipal coffers”.

Twenty workers from the parks and gardens and lighting sections will take part of the new anti-graffiti team.

Mayor of Palma José Hila said: “Graffiti removal is a priority for the town hall. More and more those who do this vandalism will pay for it.”

Emaya municipal services agency offered to clean graffiti from private buildings at a symbolic price of two euros per square metre.

Mayor Hila announced that in the event of graffiti reappearing where it has previously been cleaned, it will be removed free of charge.


Photo credit: Majorca Daily Bulletin