Genoa: investment of more than 1 billion euros

Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci: “It is an investment for the whole Europe. The breakwater will not be inert but will also create energy and will provide the city development”.

From 1 billion to 1.3 billion euros of investments and three projects to choose from: the public debate on the new Genoa breakwater is taking its course. The infrastructure project will be able to accommodate 400 meters mega ships by extending the breakwater from the current 200 meters wide to around 800. An analysis of the maritime transport market claims that the share of world maritime traffic carried on ships that today cannot be accepted in the port of Genoa is destined to increase in the coming years and decades. The public debate, which for the first time takes place in Italy after the new law that makes it mandatory for things of a certain scale, will be followed by planning and works: the work is expected to be finished within eight years.

Mayor Bucci said: “The breakwater is an investment for Genoa, for Liguria, the whole Italy and Europe. Genoa is the gateway to the Rhine-Alps freight corridor and as such is the entry point for many of the goods that come from Asia and must have a logistic hub of international level, capable of receiving all these goods and carrying them north “. For Marco Bucci the breakwater must also have economic implications for the city. “I’m talking about energy, I am talking about the fact that there can be very low wind turbines that do not damage the view and the environment, and I am talking about the movement of the waves that can create energy. We are working on it, I have already talked about it with the architect Renzo Piano”.

In conclusion, the mayor recalled the engineer De Ferrari: “120 years ago he asked the government to build the breakwater because he considered it strategic for the port of Genoa. He received spades from the government and then went to his wife, the Duchess of Galliera, got a check and built the great breakwater in Genoa. What does this mean? That the Genoese paid for their breakwater with a strategic vision that lasted at least 120 years. We must build the one that will serve the next 30-40 years, not just today. We must think big, aggressively, we must not think about saving 50 or 100 million but we must think about the future”.