“Open Streets” in Bucharest: cleaner air and healthier life

Great news from Romanian capital: several downtown streets closed to cars and opened to pedestrians on weekends, with the goal of creating more promenade areas in Bucharest.

This action is called “Open streets” project and it took place this weekend (May 29-30).

Mayor of Bucharest Nicusor Dan said on social media: “This project is an invitation for Bucharest residents to go outdoors and it is a solution for cleaner air and health in Bucharest. The initiative, which started from the ARCEN Association, is also a test for a wider program that we want to organize next year, through which we will bring such pedestrian areas to neighbourhoods as well”.

ARCEN Association added: “Open Streets” is a manifesto for the future of the city and an important step for a quality urban life. Reducing car access to the city center encourages walking, a necessary step to reduce pollution. This is a chance for the traders affected by the pandemic, for the local economy and the city’s tourist potential, adding Bucharest to the map of European capitals”.

Between May 29 and October 17, Bucharest will have additional seven new pedestrian areas on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays, from 11:00 to 23:00) with the same goal.

Photo credit: Wikipedia.org