Bucharest held a charity concert for Ukraine


The Romanian capital Bucharest has joined the list of European cities in hosting the “LIFE WILL WIN” charity event designed to raise funds for medical equipment for hospitals in Ukraine, to support Ukrainian artists and Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

Mayor of Bucharest Nicușor Dan stated on social media: ‘’I once again express my admiration for the Ukrainian people who are facing a struggle that at the beginning of the conflict seemed unequal. It is a struggle for values, which concerns us all, because it is a struggle for democracy and freedom.’’

According to Romania Insider, the concert in Bucharest took place last week on the George Enescu Square, at the initiative of the Embassy of Ukraine in Romania. The event was organized with the support of Bucharest City Hall and ARCUB – Cultural Center of Bucharest.

On June 10, the tour kicked off in Warsaw, Poland, and proceeded with performances in Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. The tour continued on June 20 in Berlin, and also visited Florence, Madrid and Cascais.

The concert, which features some of Ukraine’s most well-known musicians such as MONATIK, is free, but donations can be made by scanning a QR code on the spot. All proceeds from the events are intended to help Ukraine with its humanitarian and medical needs.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which started on February 24h this year, has triggered a tremendous humanitarian crisis, with increasing military and civilian losses and millions of refugees fleeing the violence.

Millions of Ukrainian refugees have crossed into neighboring countries, including Romania, while many more have been forced to relocate within the country since the start of the invasion.