Evotec to further develop in Toulouse

The company Evotec SE announced that they have initiated the construction of its J.POD(R) 2 EU biologics manufacturing facility at Evotec’s Campus Curie in Toulouse, France.

Mayor of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc said “The opening of a manufacturing plant, the concrete expression of Evotec’s development in Toulouse, since the creation of its main site in France in 2015 on the Health Campus of the Future – Oncopole, is excellent news that illustrates the vitality of our metropolis. In addition to the job creation that will accompany the creation of this new factory, Evotec will strengthen all of the companies present in our territory in the field of Biomedicines, a field with a high stake in the fight against the sanitarian crisis. Toulouse Metropole supports the relocation of production, which contributes to the national and European industrial sovereignty, and leads a voluntarist action in favor of the Medicine of the Future. Evotec is fully in line with this strategy.”

J.POD(R) 2 EU will be Evotec’s first commercial biomanufacturing facility in Europe and is anticipated to deliver much needed capacity, flexibility and quality for biotherapeutic development and manufacturing.

With its wholly owned subsidiary, Just – Evotec Biologics, Evotec is ideally positioned to build the capacity required for the fight against COVID-19 and future pandemic threats delivering rapid, high quality outcomes. Evotec is supporting multiple projects against COVID-19, including partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States Department of Defense.

In addition to J.POD(R) technology, Evotec is building unparalleled data-driven scientific capabilities to meet future viral threats, which include fast discovery, optimisation and development of novel therapeutic agents. Source biospace.com

Photo credit Unsplash