Valladolid’s City Council takes a further step in sustainability

There are already 59 municipal facilities with this type of renewable energy, which achieves a double objective: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and significant economic savings. Citizens and companies can get 95 bonuses for solar panels

The Mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, and the Councilor for the Environment and Sustainable Development, María Sánchez, have visited the new photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the Town Hall. The nine installations that the City Council has carried out in the last two years represent another step towards the exclusive use of renewable energies, assuming an economic saving of 94,000 euros for municipal coffers, in addition to the reduction of almost 200 T of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere, one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Óscar Puente has emphasized sustainability as one of the hallmarks of the Municipal Government and that is why he recalled that if yesterday Valladolid was the city chosen for a challenge between two great figures in world sport (Induráin and Martín Fiz) in  “A commitment to sustainable mobility, with bike lanes, today the City Council presents another action in the same direction, as an example of action in energy efficiency”.

The new photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the Town Hall that the mayor and the councilor have visited today add up to a total of 10 KW, with an investment that amounts to 19,511.25 euros. Only with this new solar garden, the City Council will stop emitting almost 6 T of CO2 , saving close to 3,000 euros per year.

As María Sánchez has highlighted, “It is not only an environmental improvement for the city, but it also represents an important saving for citizens, since municipal spending comes out of the pockets of Valladolid people”, betting on advancing in this type investment.

In total, there will already be 59 municipal facilities that are targeting this type of energy that respects the environment and entails significant economic savings. It is therefore a clean, renewable, infinite energy that, in addition, does not generate waste.

This increase in the renewable power installed in municipal facilities deepens the objective of progressively reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by municipal activity, being one of the many changes that can be made, both by administrations and by consumers, assuming large energy, CO2 emissions and economic savings .

Important bonuses for individuals

The City Council has special bonuses of 95% for facilities of this type, stated the councilor in reference to the tax on constructions, facilities and works, facilitating that an individual can carry out this type of actions. In the last two years the Valladolid City Council has carried out nine new photovoltaic installations for self-consumption with zero grid injection and net balance in municipal buildings such as the civic centers of Delicias, Rondilla y Canal de Castilla, el Centro Integrado Zona Este, Bomberos, las piscinas Henar Alonso Pimentel y Parquesol, and la Estación Depuradora de Las Eras.

With these investments, almost two hundred T of CO 2 will stop being emitted into the atmosphere , with an estimated economic saving of 94,120 euros.

These are only a part of the twenty-six self-consumption photovoltaic installations of the City Council, representing an annual reduction of more than three hundred T of CO 2 emitted into the atmosphere, in addition to a saving of more than 100,000 euros with a total investment of around 800,000 euros.