Revamp of Plaza de San Andrés puts Valladolid residents’ suggestions into action


Valladolid has completed the development of Plaza de San Andrés as requested by the residents.

City authorities headed by Mayor of Valladolid Óscar Puente reminded that residents called for an intervention to improve mobility and make the neighbourhood greener.

Parts of the square that were in poor condition have been repaved, especially around the Church of San Andrés, and the square has been transformed into a pedestrian zone.

The rainwater drainage system has been renovated, electric wiring replaced and public lighting modernised. Only three parking spaces for the disabled have remained, with the rest of the square reserved for pedestrians.

City authorities pointed out that the project made the square more accessible and added that old benches have been replaced with new, larger ones.

In addition, new bike racks have been installed and the square now has a new play area for children, which is in line with residents’ wishes. All trees have been preserved and new paved surfaces are similar to those built in other interventions in the Old Town.

City authorities noted that areas for loading and unloading goods have been moved to improve mobility and accessibility, and expand the pedestrian zone.

The project is worth more than EUR 150,000 and was implemented by Zarzuela construction company.