Award ceremony “Art, Science and Consciousness” was held in Genoa

After New York, Prague, Monaco, Saint Petersburg, Genoa, Lecce, Milan and other important cities, the award ceremony “Premio Arte, Scienza e Coscienza” (Art, Science and Conscienceness) came back to Genoa.

The prize was sponsored by the Municipality of Genoa, in collaboration with the Enrico Mattei, Infinity Foundation and Planet Life Economy foundations. It is dedicated to the men and women who stood out in the fields of human progress, from a scientific, artistic and ethical point of view, celebrating the reconstruction of the Genoa-San Giorgio bridge, this year.

It was received by: Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci who is also an extraordinary commissioner for the reconstruction of the Polcevera Viaduct, Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri SpA, Roberto Carpaneto, CEO of Rina Consulting, Renzo Piano, architect and creator of the Genoa – San Giorgio bridge and Pietro Salini, A.D. WeBuild S.p.A.

Mr Salini said: “I would like the tangible, practical spirit of the Genoese, with their simple way of doing things, which allowed us to build the Genoa Bridge, in record time, to also accompany us along this Italian journey to build other works. The Messina Bridge is a gigantic technological challenge. Measuring 3 kilometres in length, it is suspended over the strait, a magical place that connects to the Magna Graecia. It also represents the Italian challenge, towards the rest of the world’. With these words, Webuild CEO Pietro Salini, during the awarding of the Premio Arte, Scienza e Coscienza 2020 prize, in Genoa, underlined how the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge can become a source of inspiration for other strategic Italian works.

I am very proud to have built this bridge together with the administration, the other companies, the supply chain, and the Genoese themselves. This useful and beautiful work is the fruit of many people, who worked on it with great passion. But above all it is an infrastructure that allowed us to make a dream come true, during a very difficult time for Italy. We demonstrated that work produces its fruits. And we are therefore very proud of being a part of that ‘Genoa Model’ which has now become a global paradigm, for its capacity of uniting and getting things done. I would also like Genoa to join us, on this new Bridge over the Strait experience, to build this titanic work, ideally twinned with Reggio Calabria and Messina. And I would like Rina Consulting and Fincantieri to also join us in creating this work, where steel means union. And Renzo Piano, to look at the bridge, providing that magical touch that only his pencil can bring”.

The next edition will be held in Kazahstan, Astana: the city, with a population of over one million inhabitants, has experienced a rapid demographic and economic development since the end of the 90s, which puts it among the top Asian cities. Photo Elvira Nagel for Pixabay