Amsterdam to replace fossil fuels with geothermal energy

The City of Amsterdam, led by mayor Femke Halsema, continues with the climate change combat. In order to be more successful, they are getting rid of the fossil fuel natural gas and want to replace it with other heat source such as geothermal energy – the heat from the deep layers of the earth (depth of 500 meters). That is why the City of Amsterdam and the province of Noord-Holland are applying for a permit for a targeted search for geothermal energy in this region. Energy companies Vattenfall and Eneco are also participating in this project since they can make their heat networks more sustainable thanks to geothermal energy.

The permit has been requested from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Together, the parties want to use geothermal energy efficiently, but also safely, affordably and sustainably.

It is not known where exactly the geothermal energy can be found in the deep soil of this region, so this is being investigated. The results will be known in 2022 and the first test drilling may then follow in 2023. With the permit that is now being applied for, the geothermal heat sites can be searched more specifically.

If the substrate is suitable, the parties may be able to apply for a starting permit from the ministry in 3 years’ time and then the drilling for geothermal energy can start. The specialized geothermal companies are carefully selected. The final goal is for Vattenfall and Eneco to supply geothermal energy to residents of Amsterdam and municipalities in the region.


Photo Azhar J for Unsplash