Mayor of Bilbao meets with artists selected for cultural grants


The Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, accompanied by the Councilor for Culture and Governance, Gonzalo Olabarria, and the directors of the Culture area and ZINEBI, Iñaki Lopez de Aguileta and Vanesa Fernández, shared a working meeting with a group of more than twenty local artists and cultural agents who have been selected to be part of two Cultural and Audiovisual Projects Bags .

In addition to both calls for Project Bags included in the Bilbao Aurrera Municipal Strategic Plan, there is a third call for financial grants that will announce the projects selected to stimulate the city in a safe and sustainable way in the near future .

The three calls, promoted by the City Council, aim to support these professionals and entities from the cultural and creative field of Bilbao, and promote the revitalization of the sector to try to alleviate the effects of COVID-19 in the cultural agents of the Villa.

In this regard, the Mayor has addressed the group of local artists, “ We are aware that the effects of this pandemic have names and surnames. Many of them may be you or colleagues in the profession such as agents, artists, producers, technicians, workers in auxiliary industries, or promoters. Therefore, both throughout 2020 and next year, we are trying to do our bit to try to alleviate this situation”.


Given the current health situation and its consequences in the cultural programming of the Villa, Juan Mari Aburto has indicated “if the health circumstances allow us, we have to continue to progressively recover cultural activity, both public and private. Always in a safe way, generating trust in citizens. And as you already know, we have been programming various small-format musical performances, in successive campaigns in summer with #BilbaoUda2020 and in autumn with #BilbaoUdazkena2020. I hope we can soon present a Christmas campaign # BilbaoGabonak2020. In this way, – he added – we managed to offer safe leisure alternatives for citizens in the city, in the neighborhoods, and also provide relief and economic support to the entire value chain of the cultural sector ”.

With the three calls resolved, the Bilbao City Council will have subsidized 59 cultural projects with a total financial endowment that will be greater than 600,000 euros.


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