Christmas market reopening in Ljubljana


Every season, the main square of the city of Ljubljana transforms into a winter wonderland thanks to their famous Christmas market. 

The city of Ljubljana, led by mayor Zoran Janković, and its citizens are once again very excited for the opening of the city’s outdoor markets during the holiday season.

It was not certain whether open markets would be allowed this season due to safety measures of the pandemic. Now that Christmas market is officially on, everyone is even more excited to enjoy Ljubljana’s holiday atmosphere on the city streets.

Ljubljana’s city authorities permitted serving food and drinks at outdoor stalls just days after the government imposed a ban. 

The ban was imposed to prevent socializing and spread of coronavirus at Christmas markets but it enormously affected hospitality, especially during the holiday season.

Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković cares for the health of his citizens and he urged them to comply with precautionary measures and get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The city had recently received a letter from the local branch of the National Institute of Public Health thanking the city administration for their contribution to the combat against the pandemic which is a great success for the city and its people.

Open markets in Pogačar Square were reopened on Wednesday, as soon as they got permission to start working. 

The city of Ljubljana is famous for its Christmas markets that combine the charm of the tradition with the excitement of an open-air marketplace. They are accompanied by a rich program of events that are held daily in the central streets and squares of the city throughout December.  (photo credit: JL Flanner)