Seville to be promoted as prime tourist destination by CEAV


City of Seville made an agreement with Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) to promote the city as a prime destination in tourist promotions in cities such as Valencia and Valladolid throughout the second half of 2021.

Seville will also be promoted through CEAV’s communication channels which has around 5,000 branches.

Mayor of Seville Juan Espadas made the presentation of the new city brand to the president of CEAV Carlos Garrido, and around 30 managers and businessmen from various branches of the tourist industry – travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, railway operators, technology operators, organizers of congresses, fairs, and events, etc.

Mayor Espadas said: “CEAV has always been a preferred partner in promoting Seville and will continue to be, since it is expected that the new post-Covid-19 tourism will rely more on personalised advice from travel agency professionals”.

Antonio Muñoz, city’s Minister for Urban Habitat, Culture, and Tourism, said: “This collaboration is strategic for reactivating tourism in Seville, particularly with regard to the national market. With this promotional work, the national journey of the new city brand begins”.

Seville has built a comprehensive strategy for promoting the city and attracting investments with a budget of €1.9m.

Photo credit Gerhard Bögner for Pixabay