Valencia is the Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022

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Located on Spanish east coast, Valencia is a 2,000-year-old city famous for wide sandy beaches, striking architecture, a buzzing food scene and culture. It is the third-largest city in Spain and has been one of the most popular places amongst tourists and travelers.

The city offers many interesting places to visit which include the Cathedral, the Old Town, City Of Arts and Sciences Monuments, Central Market and the UNESCO-listed gothic style building Lonja de la Seda. Valencia is also a unique Spanish city and one of the Spanish autonomous communities. These are all some of the reasons why Valencia welcomes approximately 2.2 million visitors every year.

Along with the French city of Bordeaux, Valencia has been named European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2022. The cities were chosen by a jury of the European Commission specializing in accessibility, sustainability, digitization, cultural heritage and creativity. 

Earning this remarkable title means more than just promoting sustainable tourism. The title is also being handed to cities that protect local ecosystems, facilitate eco-friendly transport options and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but at the same time, the title is given to the cities which ensure the best possible experience for visitors.

Valencia is very committed to developing projects that promote smart, innovative, sustainable, inclusive and smart tourism. They started many projects which allow progress toward meeting the sustainable development goals in the city.

It is also the first European city to receive a double ITU and ISO certification for the Sustainable Development of Cities and the city currently has several Sustainable Action Plans which include measures to reduce CO2 emissions, encourage electric vehicle usage, improve energy efficiency, promote sustainable food options and note impacts on cultural heritage.

The Spanish city of Valencia is also the first city in the world to measure and certify the carbon and water footprint of its tourist activity. It is a green city that has an extensive network of bike lanes and many other environmentally places that tourists and residents can visit including the Turia Gardens, which are considered a green lung located in the heart of the city.

There is no question that the city of Valencia is an excellent place for tourists. They can even access any venue simply by using a QR code, without the need for paper tickets. The city’s guides, maps, and brochures are all available in digital format, which allows visitors to download them on their mobile so they’re handy during the visit to this incredible city. (photo credit: Mathieu Militis/Pixabay)