Seville: “The Great Collection 2021” helps vulnerable households

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The City Council of Seville reaffirmed its commitment to the Seville Food Bank and supported ‘The Great Collection 2021’ campaign to meet the needs of vulnerable households.

The objective is to obtain the figures from 2020, thus being able to meet the food needs of 48,000 people in the province during the first months of 2022. If this objective is not reached, the Bank will not be able to obtain the basic food that the beneficiaries need.

Under the slogan “It is time to collaborate”, this project comes at a crucial time for the Seville’s Food Bank, as it needs to supply its warehouse.

“The Food Bank carries out fundamental work throughout the province of Seville in support of the most vulnerable population. This new campaign has all the municipal support and we are sure that, as it has been happening in recent years, it will find a great response in the Sevillian population, which has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity for commitment and solidarity,” said mayor Juan Espadas, who also participated in the presentation of this campaign held at the City Hall.

Mayor of Seville Juan Espadas also wrote about the Food Bank on social media: “The Food Bank of Sevilla holds its annual campaign for collecting donations with the help of 350 establishments and 3,000 volunteers. A fundamental initiative for many families that will surely find citizenship support again.”

The City Council reaffirmed its commitment to the Food Bank’s Great Food Collection 2021 campaign, which will take place in more than 350 commercial establishments in the province of Seville. Over 3,000 volunteers are participating in order to inform donors of the donation procedure.

Agustín Vidal-Aragón, president of the Seville Food Bank Foundation, said that “The Great Collection” is crucial for Food Banks throughout Spain, as it is one of the main ways to fill our warehouses. At this time, there are roughly 48,000 beneficiaries who are in need of the Food Bank to provide them daily with basic resources such as rice, canned food or milk. We ask the entire Sevillian society to help us continue to carry out our mission. As I always like to say, the Food Bank is built by its donors, and this is the moment to demonstrate the value they have for us ”.


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