Malaga hopes to attract a lot of UK tourists

City of Malaga has been hardly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. Tourism represents 15% of the local GDP and more than 117,000 families and 16,000 businesses depend on tourism sector. A research showed that number of touristic trips fell for almost 80% with comparison to 2019. They are now relying on UK tourists to help them boost their jeopardized economy.

Rosa Sanchez, Tourism and Promotion councilor, outlined at the Tourism Forum meeting their strategy to recover the losses caused by the pandemic.

Besides in the UK, Malaga plans to launch few promotional campaigns in France, Germany and Scandinavia in order to attract their citizens to visit the beautiful city. The campaigns will focus on safety, meaning that the city aims to detect Covid-19 through antigen testing.

They are hoping for the best and that the city will recover from this situation.

Photo David Becker/Unsplash