Citizens of Lille to participate in changing the city for better

The City of Lille, led by mayor Martine Aubry, presented its citizens with the opportunity of giving them voice on various urban projects with the ultimate goal of gaining a major landscape metamorphosis. 

The idea for Rue du Molinel street is to reduce number of parking lots which occupy around 60% of the whole street and to enlarge the walking areas and to create two-way cycling lanes along the entire street. Furthermore, the City wants to make the street greener by planting dozens of trees which will also be important during Lille’s heat peaks. All those interested in participating in this project are invited to fill out the questionnaire on the website until February 22, 2021 or in the Lille Center district town hall to do the same thing in person. 

Citizens of Lille can also participate with the development of Place du Maréchal Leclerc – the idea is to create an urban oasis and to encourage soft mobility with the use of public transport and walking. This part of the city will also become greener and less crowded with cars.  Got other ideas? Fill out the questionnaire on the City’s website and be a part of better Lille.

Rue Solférino will also be presented in a new light, meaning the quality of life will be improved with less traffic and more pedestrian areas and trough tree planting. Besides these ideas, don’t hesitate to present your thoughts, too. The City of Lille is looking forward to hearing your opinion.


Photo:Geoffroy Hauwen for Unsplash