Mayor of Nuremberg: ‘’The free press is an essential part of democracy’’


World Press Freedom Day was marked globally around the world. Mayor of Nuremberg Marcus König stated on social media that free press was an ‘’essential part of democracy’’.

Mayor König also stated: ‘’A free press is an essential part of democracy. Where there is no free press, there can be no democracy. Unfortunately, we see it all too often: Where the media and the press are suppressed, other (human) rights are not in good shape either.’’

Under Goal 16, Target 10, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development stresses the importance of public access to information, fundamental freedoms, and journalist safety in the establishment of peaceful, just, and inclusive communities.

Following a recommendation agreed at UNESCO’s General Conference’s twenty-sixth session in 1991, the UN General Assembly declared 3 May as World Press Freedom Day in 1993. Since then, this day has served as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of free press among citizens.

May 3 serves as a reminder to governments of the need of upholding their commitment to press freedom. At the same time, it highlights significant challenges and obstacles numerous journalists face in their professional lives. In numerous countries around the world, journalists are targets of harassment and censorship.

In all democratic countries, journalism plays a critical role. In Germany, press freedom and freedom of expression are guaranteed and safeguarded by the constitution.

‘’For me, freedom of the press also includes diversity of opinion and reporting, because this enables citizens to form an opinion. That strengthens a pluralistic and stable democracy,’’ mayor of Nuremberg Marcus König further stated. (photo credit: vectorjuice/Freepik)