The 3,000,000th BMW produced in Leipzig

After 16 years in Leipzig, the 3,000,000th BMW “made in Saxony” got dispatched to its new owner to a customer in Bavaria. The delivery was attended by Lord Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, operations manager Hans-Peter Kemser and the Workers Council Chairman, Jens Köhler.

Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung said: “In 2016 I came here to celebrate BMW Leipzig’s 2,000,000th vehicle. I’m now looking forward to coming back for the 4,000,000th! BMW is constantly investing in their development.Also, I’m particularly pleased that, after the BMW i3, Leipzig will manufacture another electric car, the MINI.”

“The fact that we’ve manufactured 3,000,000 cars in sixteen years is all down to the hard work and commitment of our highly motivated employees. The team here in Leipzig is fantastic and they deliver high-quality vehicles that are in strong demand across the globe,” said Hans-Peter Kemser honouring the work of the employees. He is particularly proud of electromobility in Leipzig: “The 3,000,000 we are celebrating today include more than 200,000 BMW i3 vehicles, and the production of all-electric cars continues to develop. The next time we celebrate an anniversary, it will be with a new family member, the MINI Countryman from Leipzig, which will come with a choice of a combustion engine or an electric drive.”

The first BMW “made in Leipzig” was produced in March 2005, a BMW 320i. Six years later, the 1,000,000th car was made, in December 2011. It was a BMW 116d that got presented to the non-profit organisation Joblinge. The 2,000,000th car came even faster, in October 2016, a BMW i3 for a customer in the USA.


Photo credit Pablo Martinez/Unsplash