Staying connected: several German mayors come together in Berlin


Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey welcomed mayors from several German cities for a yearly meeting of the members of the Association of German Cities (Deutscher Städtetag).  

Mayor Giffey stated on social media: ‘’Nice to meet other mayors from Germany. It is a good tradition that the Governing Mayor invites the members of the German Association of Cities to an evening reception when they meet in Berlin once a year. This time on the roof terrace of the RBB with a wonderful view over the city.’’

The Association of German Cities’ activity and services, according to the organization’s website, are largely focused on the needs and interests of the direct member cities and their residents. 

The organization  was founded in Berlin in 1905, and re-established in 1945. The Association of German Cities’ committee work involves a large number of city representatives.

‘’Whether Oldenburg, Bremerhaven, Münster, Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main or Hanover – the challenges we are facing are similar everywhere in the cities and the Germany-wide exchange on this is important,’’ the mayor of the German capital further stated.

In the years to come, cities are expected to continue to face a growing number of issues – from the effect of climate change to providing effective education to everyone.

Because most cities in the world have similar issues and worries, it is extremely important for mayors to stay connected. It can be quite advantageous for local leaders to collaborate and work together whenever feasible in order to produce the greatest results possible. (photo credit: Björn Eichenauer/Pixabay)