Sofia and Athens continue with graffiti removal actions


The Bulgarian capital Sofia participated in a joint action of removing graffiti with hate symbols from its streets.

Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova stated on social media: ‘’For years, we have been cleaning hate speech and graffiti on the facades and walls of public buildings with the Metropolitan Inspectorate, for which we also purchased a special machine.’’

The latest action organized in Sofia was joined by the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria Herro Mustafa, the Ambassador of Romania Brândușa Ioana Predescu, Chairman of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” Dr. Alexander Oscar and representatives of the German embassy to Bulgaria.

‘’Thank you to the ambassadors of the US, Romania and Germany for supporting our campaign to clean symbols and hate language from the streets of Sofia,’’ mayor of Sofia further stated.

In order to restore the city’s original and historical appeal, another graffiti clearing operation was also completed in Athens, Greece’s capital. The graffiti removal operation was carried out in the pedestrian street of Apostolos Pavlos and on Mount Lycabettus, a Cretaceous limestone hill in the Greek capital.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis stated on social media: ‘’With patience and perseverance, 750m² of stone surfaces were cleaned and are once again in perfect harmony with the iconic landscape surrounding them.’’

“And we do not stop here. The anti-graffiti operations will continue as we say yes to street art and artistic expression, but a categorical no to the vandalism that plagues the city”, mayor Bakoyannis further stated. (photo credit: Prawny/Pixabay)