Mayor Philippe is committed to further developing the attractiveness of Le Havre


Édouard Charles Philippe is a French politician and the mayor of Le Havre since 2020. This wasn’t the fort time that he has been elected as the mayor, as he previously held office from 2010 to 2017.

During the time in between, Édouard Philippe served as the  Prime Minister of France from 15 May 2017 to 3 July 2020.

He even formed his political party in October 2021, which he named  “Horizons”. He gave the party this name because he thinks that France needs a long-term vision to build a global strategy for France, based on the unity and cohesion of the country around its values, history, and culture, to assure its competitiveness, prosperity, and power in the long run. Some of the objectives of this party include a reinforced ecological ambition, social justice, improving education, and more decentralized management of the Republic.

Édouard Philippe is the son of French teachers and was born in Rouen in 1970.

Mayor of Le Havre knows that his city is the metropolis of the future, and that is why he is committed to developing the attractiveness of its territory and strengthening its influence.  He is making the city better by taking care of the city’s higher education, tourism, and economic development. 

His ambition is to implement the Le Havre Smart Port City project, which will transform the city into a new model of urban and industrial port territory integrated through innovation.

The Le Havre Smart Port City project has the potential to modernize the Le Havre region.

Since his mayoral term, the city of La Havre became the leading industrial and port center, a major economic hub of unified Normandy.

The city is also a great tourist, cultural and event destination. (photo credit: wikimedia)