Mayor of Seville Will Lead the PSOE In Andalucia’s Next Elections


Mayor of Seville Juan Espadas has won the PSOE’s primaries in Andalucia with a convincing win over outgoing secretary general of the party, Susana Diaz.

Espadas won with just over 55 per cent of the votes with Diaz gaining on 39 percent. Luis Angel Hierro who was the third challenger, won  less than 6 percent.

Despite being best known in Sevilla, Espadas gained support in Cadiz, Jaen, Almeria, Granada and Malaga.

Mayor Espadas said: “We have had an opportunity to debate and participate during this primary process and now we have the opportunity to change, re-unite and reach the Andalucian Government. We have a new project and a new team to excite and convince Andalucians. Only in this way, with a strong and united party, will we be able to reclaim the government of Andalucia”.

The next regional election in Andalucia is due to be held in 2022, reports Euro Weekly News.

Photo Henrique Ferreira/Unsplash