Mayor of Berlin: We stand up against discrimination and queer hostility


Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey opened the conference “LGBTI policy guidelines” which was organized in the German capital by the Rainbow Cities Network.

She opened the conference together with Juliane Steeger, the chairwoman of the Rainbow Cities Network, who is also the commissioner for sexual and gender diversity in Hannover.

Mayor Giffey stated on social media: ‘’Berlin has been a founding member of the network since 2013 and is clearly committed to queer-friendly politics. Berlin is more committed to the rights of LGBTI people than almost any other city and also supports refugees who are persecuted and threatened in their countries of origin because of their sexual orientation.’’

Because discrimination against LGBTQI+ people frequently occurs in their immediate surroundings, municipal authorities, among others, are responsible for preventing and combating discrimination against LGBTQI+ individuals. That is why cities, which are part of the network, are committed to sharing best practices between each other, and collaborating on numerous projects and initiatives, in order to secure a greater social inclusion.

The United Nations approved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as a global call to action to eradicate poverty, safeguard the environment, and ensure that everyone lives in peace and prosperity by 2030.

Even though they do not specifically reference sexual minorities, the SDGs have also been used as a framework for global collective action and legislative change. Berlin boasts a vibrant LGBTQI+ community with a long history. It is commonly regarded as one of Europe’s most LGBTQI+ friendly cities.

‘’We stand up against discrimination and queer hostility and for a city in which everyone can live and love as they want,’’ mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey concluded. (photo credit: Stavrialena Gontzou/Unsplash)